Watch this nasty bitch show the true nature of christian hate Published June 18, 2016

The nature of hate seems to live within christians and they use the bullshit bible to justify their evil This stupid bitch in Ft Lauderdale, FL thinks these American born Brazilians are Muslims so she stopped to call them terrorist…

Weird images that stimulate sexual thoughts Published May 9, 2016

Some photos are never planned to deliver the message that they end up being famous for, and these just fall into that category that stirs the sexual thoughts, even if you weren't thinking it.

To catch a monkey, place something shiny in a jar. Here’s What Nicki Minaj Got Meek Mill For His 29th Birthday Published May 7, 2016

The difference with 'new money' and 'old money' is the stupid purchases. A low life negro that made money from illicit activities or misguided and unintelligible rap music, will easily be separated from his money by jewelers who jack up…

when you need a reason to avoid bathing, make up some health reason like this woman. is she just nasty Published May 2, 2016

When Barbara Ward was in her early 20s, she took a bath and it sent her into anaphylactic shock. Doctors concluded she was like the aliens in "Signs" in that she is deathly allergic to H20. Ward says that she…

The greatest fear of anyone is an insect crawling into your ear and the type pulled out of this dude will blow your mind Published May 2, 2016

Some people fear the insect ear crawl so much that they sleep with ear plugs, but is that just too crazy. This guy got it in the worse way and it makes the ear plug option seem ideal.

Wacked Out Tuesdays - Crazy photos you never expect to see Published April 19, 2016

When you travel around the internet, you may see things that make you go What Da Fuc, and rightly so because they either make you laugh or just sit in awe! She must have been drugged This is not about…

Creepy selfie showing woman's head with face on front and back Published April 1, 2016

This couple posted this selfie which shows the woman's face in the reflection glass behind them. It freaked out many who saw it and some have already associated demons and ghouls, and of course those who hate muslims are claiming…

In the west they pimp their rides so in the middle east they pimp their camel rides Published February 27, 2016

Even the desert cruisers love to show off their rides, which happen to be live camels. These trimmings take patience to complete but certainly cool.

One would think condoms were a requirement in porn forever. Now it is the law Published February 20, 2016

Porn performers across the state would be required to wear condoms during sex scenes under an initiative that has qualified for the November 2016 ballot. It’s similar to requirements already in place in Los Angeles County. The California Secretary of…
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