A creationist extreme group are trying to make the fable of noah's ark a reality Published June 21, 2016

A creationist group called Answers in Genesis (AiG) led by Ken Ham, invested $150 million on an amusement park in Williamstown, and some say it is violating the separation of church and state. The project is primarily funded by christian…

pity for the underdog is as old as medieval monks comic evil rabbits Published May 26, 2016

When monks of the medieval era wrote books, tended to insert comical art in the margins that commonly featured the ubiquitous, triumphant armed rabbit, often shown killing dogs, humans, and other enemies of bunnykind. Jon Kaneko-James explains the symbolism of…

Religious believers have to prove god's existence in order to keep the flock Published April 2, 2016

Religious dominance has spent eternity trying to destroy any possible data that could disprove the existence of a supernatural deity, and that effort has led to the mass slaughter of many humans, and destruction of books. With the internet, the…

When you take the concept of 'god' way too far: Gavin McInnes says women make less because god say they should stay home Published February 8, 2016

Having faith in something unseen is not a problem, but when one believes that their god is making rules for people and that god gave that believer power over others, they have crossed into the social battlefield. This fundamentalist extreme…

Declared ultra atheist and global comedy celebrity Ricky Gervais reads the christian bible at a conference Published February 3, 2016

He called the bible 'this dusty old book' he found, while speaking of the theory of evolution. He was making the point of how ridiculous the magic of a god creating the earth seemed.

The tried and proven method of spreading 'peaceful' religions: guns and violence - christians and muslims battle in britain Published January 29, 2016

The extreme right wing group in Britain called 'Britain First' launched a christain onslaught on a muslim community in Bury Park, and who would have guessed that a fight would break out. [adinsert1/] Both religions have hated each other from…

Gay flash mob in jamaica draws the ire of the hardcore backward thinking christians Published August 8, 2015

The Gay Jamaica group has made their move to speak up and ignore the extreme homophobic christians and rastafarians who think they are the judge and jury of mankind and their god only tells them to do evil to those…

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