A creationist extreme group are trying to make the fable of noah's ark a reality

A creationist extreme group are trying to make the fable of noah's ark a reality


A creationist group called Answers in Genesis (AiG) led by Ken Ham, invested $150 million on an amusement park in Williamstown, and some say it is violating the separation of church and state. The project is primarily funded by christian millionaires, but there is an ongoing fundraiser which has collect over $1 million.

The builder claims the boat will be authentic, in that it will be made entirely of wood and nails (and sheet rock), and built to the specifications as described in the bible. The critics however state that it lost authenticity once they brought in cranes and other modern technology.

The atheist group called Tri-State Freethinker has been battling the project with billboards calling it "Genocide and Incest Park". They defined the phrase based on the biblical story which claims 'god' killed all humans except Noah's family of 8. The logic is that with only eight people to repopulate the Earth, there would have to be incest, and by that logic they are correct.

A sensible person would recognize that the story is just that: a story told by people of ancient time. The event is scientifically impossible, but a believer cannot be convinced, and that satisfies the christian church that prefers its followers to be stupid and gullible.

The park will have little to do with 'spreading the gospel' and more to do with gaining wealth. The investors expect to see their returns within 2 years or less as they expect millions of tourists from abroad will become regular patrons.

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| June, 21st, 2016
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