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Ohio Republican legislator who hates gays is caught having gay sex :)

Extreme rightwing and super conservative fundamental CHRISTIAN Wes Goodman who is married with kids,  ran a hate campaign claiming “family ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 4:44pm

Is it racist?

In 2014 the South African 'charity' organization called "Feed A Child" published this ad to solicit support, but it went totally wrong. The goal was ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 5:46pm

The old 'christmas blackface' festival continues in Belgium despite protests

Zwarte Piet or in English Black Pete, is the companion of Saint Nicholas in the folklore of the Low Countries. The character first appeared in an ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 6:10pm

The things that make you go WTF!

She claims to earn cash from men who get erotic pleasure from watching her shove food in her mouth. Das just nasty!
Tuesday, December 26 2017 6:36pm

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