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Allison is the editor-in-chief of The Media Mill and a columnist for NYD. Currently I am working on a book of essays to be published in the coming year.

She perused the mall wearing only body paint

Jen The Body Painter has dazzled viewers with great body art since 2015 but her recent stunt at a shopping mall caused many to do double ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 5:11pm

Beware of scam 'home based job' opportunities that pay a lot to do nothing

There are millions of posts at social networks which promote 'secret' high paying work-at-home opportunities which does not require any skill or ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 6:29pm

Steve Harvey claims 'god' does not want you to share your 'blessing' with friends

While performing one of his so-called 'clean' stand up comedy show at the thieving church owned by the greedy preacher TD Jakes, Steve Harvey states ...
Tuesday, December 26 2017 7:43pm

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